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MTT Missions

MTT Missions

5th November – 2nd December

Grab up to 5 Tournament Treats each week!

This sweet deal will mean you can play up to 5 extra tournaments each week.

Play a tournament at least 5 times in a qualifying period (Monday – Saturday) to win a ticket to enter the special Sunday Final tournament.
Play all 5 tournaments 5 times and qualify for all 5 Sunday Specials each week!

Collect your bonus ticket when you complete an MTT Mission for a Rebuy or 1R1A (1 Rebuy 1 Add-on) tournament!

How it works

During each calendar week from 5th November until 2nd December 2018 there will be 5 different special Multi Table Tournaments (“MTTs”) available to be played at different times throughout each day of the promotion.

Play at least one of the special MTTs 5 times during a promotional week (Monday to Saturday) and you are automatically awarded with a extra tournament ticket which can be used to enter the Final MTT for that specific tournament, to be held on the Sunday of that week.

Play on all the special MTT’s during each week and get extra tournament tickets for all the Final MTT’s to be held on each Sunday of the four promotional weeks.

Generic Ticket Reward: play any Rebuy or 1R1A (1 Rebuy 1 Add-on) Tournament minimum 5 times during a promotional week and get along with ticket for the Sunday Final MTT, a generic ticket of the same value for the first rebuy or addon


Week 1: 05/11/2018 - 10/11/2018

Time GMT Tournament Name Buy-in Format
16:30 [MTT Missions] Mini Bullseye €5.50 1 Rebuy 1 Add-on
17:30 [MTT Missions] Terminator €33.00 Super Bounty
18:00 [MTT Missions] Mini Mosh Pit €5.50 Rebuy
20:00 [MTT Missions] Daily Express €11.00 Freezeout
22:00 [MTT Missions] River Of Riches €11.00 Rebuy

Week 2: 12/11/2018 - 17/11/2018

Time GMT Tournament Name Buy-in Format
14:00 [MTT Missions] Turbo Rebuy €5.50 Rebuy
17:30 [MTT Missions] Mini Terminator €5.50 Super Bounty
18:15 [MTT Missions] Deep Bankroll Builder €3.30 Freezeout
19:30 [MTT Missions] Early Bird Scrooge €33.00 1R1A
20:15 [MTT Missions] Nightly Turbo €22.00 Super Bounty

Week 3: 19/11/2018 - 24/11/2018

Time GMT Tournament Name Buy-in Format
12:30 [MTT Missions] Lunchtime Special €11.00 Freezeout
17:00 [MTT Missions] The Most Interesting €11.00 1 Rebuy 1 Add-on
18:00 [MTT Missions] Mosh Pit €22.00 Rebuy
19:00 [MTT Missions] Nightly PLO Freezeout €11.00 PLO Freezeout
20:15 [MTT Missions] Mini Nightly Turbo €2.20 Super Bounty

Week 4: 26/11/2018 - 01/12/2018

Time GMT Tournament Name Buy-in Format
16:00 [MTT Missions] Lost Vegas €11.00 Rebuy
17:00 [MTT Missions] Fantastic Four €5.50 Pot Limit Omaha Rebuy
18:15 [MTT Missions] Deep Twenty-Two €22.00 Freezeout
18:30 [MTT Missions] Mosh Pit Lite €11.00 Rebuy
19:00 [MTT Missions] Mini Deep Fifty-Five €5.50 Freezeout





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