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A-Game in Poker - Definition

A-Game in Poker - Definition

A-Game →  Refers to a player executing his best possible poker strategy at the table. “A-game” especially refers to a player having an excellent mental-game or mindset.

Example usage → “That was a great session, I really played my A-game

Strategy Application

Importance of A-game? Serious professionals invest large amounts of time in improving their mindset so they can play as much of their A-game as possible. The longer we spend playing our A-game, the more money we make.

Research has shown that players often play their A-game for predictable reasons. There are often links between our diet, our sleep patterns, our mental conditioning and other variables. For example, most players find it easier to play their A-game when variance is on their side. The highest form of A-game is often described as “being in the zone” or “experiencing flow”. These altered mental states have been the subject of much research in modern times.

The opposite of A-game can be described as tilt or C-game (tilt being the most extreme). It’s very difficult to play our A-game when distracted by current events or even our own thoughts of past and future.


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