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€60,000 Cash Game Flop Race

€60,000 Cash Game Flop Race

Every flop you reach for six massive weeks earns you points and helps you climb the leaderboards  in our €60,000 Cash Game Flop Race.

We’re giving away €10,000 every week until 28th November, all you have to do to win a share is reach as many flops as you can. There are prizes for a range of buy-in levels and game types, so whether you like the quick turnover of Banzai or can spend hours at the No Limit tables, there’s a bracket for you.

Points Structure

Points per flop Low Mid High
1 NL10, Banzai €1 & €5 NL50, Banzai €20 NL200
1.5 PL10, NL25 PL50, NL100 PL200, NL400
2 PL25 PL100 PL400

But that’s not all there is to it, there’s a 100-flop bonus that you can win every single day. Reach 100 flops in a day (00:00-23:59 UTC) and you’ll get 20 bonus points!

Even better, we’re also offering a consolation bonus. If you have a tough day at the tables, you’ll get one point for every euro lost (up to the limits below):

Low: €10/10 points.

Mid: €50/50 points.

High: €200/200 points.


Week 1 14 - 20 Oct
Week 2 21 - 27 Oct
Week 3 28 Oct - 3 Nov
Week 4 4 - 10 Nov
Week 5 11 - 17 Nov
Week 6 18 - 24 Nov

Promotional terms apply.



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