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Can you take the throne from the King of Flips?

Can you take the throne from the King of Flips?

There’s a Free King of Flips Token to be claimed every week to help you challenge the King. Keep playing for more chances at victory and a massive prize. You could even find yourself on your way to the Unibet Open!

Use your tokens in a head to head game against the King of Flips. You each receive two hole cards and a Flop – the Turn and River will be dealt automatically. 

After each hand you win you can collect your prize or risk it for a higher one by playing another flip. Higher value tokens start closer to the top and the chance to beat the King for a €2,000 Unibet Open package!

How to play

Download the Poker Client or play directly from your browser

Login and claim your free token every week

Play real money poker to earn more tokens (up to 9 per day)

Open the mini game once your progression bar is full (see tab 3 'Requirements')

Beat the King of Flips and win up to a €2,000 Unibet Open package!


Tier Prize
Bronze 10 Bonus Points
  20 Bonus Points
  40 Bonus Points
Silver €1 Unibet Online Series
  200 Bonus Points
Gold 400 Bonus Points
  €10 Unibet Online Series
  2,000 Bonus Points
  4,000 Bonus Points
  €100 Unibet Online Series Main Event
  20,000 Bonus Points
  40,000 Bonus Points
  80,000 Bonus Points
  €2,000 Unibet Open Package


You can earn tokens in three different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold, and you can earn up to three tokens per tier (up to 9 tokens in total per day).

To earn one token, a player must:

See 25 flops in Cash Games or

Play 5 SNGs or

Play 3 Hexapros

The stakes played determine your token tier:

Game / Tier Bronze Silver Gold
Cash Game €4 & €10 €25 & €50 €100, €200 & €400
SNG €1, €2 & €4 €10 & €25 €50, €100 & €200
Hexapro €1, €2 & €5 €10 & €25 €50 & €100

Terms and conditions apply.



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