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Poker Replay Rewards

Poker Replay Rewards

Every player goes through downswings. We get that, so we’re bringing you Replay Rewards.

Our Replay Rewards Algorithm finds down-on-their-luck players and gives them a helping hand in the form of missions. These missions return €15,000 to players in the community every week.

All you have to do to be eligible is join the community and play your regular games. If you hit a rough patch, we’ll come to you.

How it works:

You must be a member of the Unibet Community.

Enjoy your normal games of Poker.

If you’re among the players to suffer the biggest downswing in a week, you’ll get rewarded.

€15,000 per week will be returned to players.

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Terms and Conditions

Promotion active from 00:00UTC on Monday-23:59UTC on Sunday each week until 31/12/21

Real money players

Players have seven days from date of email to claim mission

No information will be given about the weighting specifics of the algorithm, but consideration will be given to the following metrics


Game format and volume

Time of day games are played

Community Activity

There is no guarantee of winning for eligible players. Players should play their normal poker game.

Only players with a community account will be eligible to prizes

Unibet reserves the right to change any part, or all, of the promotion or the terms and conditions

Unibet takes no responsibility for any loss, real or perceived, that players incur as part of this promotion

All general terms and conditions of Unibet poker apply at all times

All general terms and conditions of Unibet membership apply at all times

Promotional Terms and Conditions apply.

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