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Poker High Hand Rewards!

Poker High Hand Rewards!

Our popular High Hand promotion returns to Unibet Poker! 

Do you remember the last time you hit a royal flush? Now you’ll get more than just the pot! 

The Happy Hours are between 13:00-16:00 and 22:00-00:00 UTC. Every 30 minutes during this period, whoever has had the highest-ranking hand will win a 100 big blinds Cash Game ticket.

All limits are available, except NL/PL4 and Banzai1. 

How to play

Every 30 minutes the strongest hand on both No Limit Hold ‘em and Pot Limit Omaha wins a 100 big blinds poker prize 

High Hand Happy Hour prizes are given away every day between 13:00 and 16:00 UTC and between 22:00 and 00:00 UTC 

NL4, PLO4 and BANZAI1 are not included in this promotion 

The current high hand can be tracked by clicking on the promotion widget available in the poker lobby or on the cash game tables


Every hour the player making the strongest hand in NLHE will get a 100bb NLHE ticket for the stake they were playing when they got the high hand.


Ticket Prize 


€400 CG-ticket 


€200 CG-ticket 


€100 CG-ticket 


€50 CG-ticket 


€25 CG-ticket 


€10 CG-ticket 


€200 CG-ticket 


€50 CG-ticket 

No limit Hold'em

Every 30 minutes the player making the strongest hand in PL will get a 100BB PL ticket for the stake they were playing when they got the high hand.


Ticket Prize 


€400 CG-ticket 


€200 CG-ticket 


€100 CG-ticket 


€50 CG-ticket 


€25 CG-ticket 


€10 CG-ticket 


This promotion will run from 00:00 UTC on the 8th May 2023 to 23:59 UTC on the 4th June 2023.

Daily High Hand Happy hours are between 13:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC, as well as between 22:00 UTC till 00:00 UTC.

Only cash hands that end within the given period count.

Any prize earned will be credited instantly every 30 minutes during the promotion.

This promotion can only be played at cash game tables.

Banzai NL1 and NL/PL4 hands do not count toward the promotion.

Players do not need to get to showdown to make an eligible high hand.

The high hand will be judged on hand strength (royal flush being the strongest possible hand a player can make, etc.).

Players are eligible to compete for the NLHE and PLO high hand in each 30-minute window.

Players will win a 100-big blind Cashgame ticket for making the highest hand during the 30-minute window on NL/PL10 – NL/PL400 (Banzai5 and Banzai20 included).

There will be a reward for the NL Holdem high hand as well as for the PL Omaha high hand every 30 minutes.

If two players make the same highest hand during a 30-minute window, the player making that hand first will receive the 100-big blind prize. If more than one player makes the highest hand at the same time, then all those players will win 100 big blinds in the form of a cash ticket.

Players must use at least one of their hole cards to make an eligible high hand in NLHE, and two of their hole cards to make an eligible high hand in PLO.

We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time.

General Unibet terms and conditions apply.

In the event of inconsistency between the English version and any other language version of the Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.

Last update of the terms & conditions - 05/04/2023 00:00

Promotional Terms and Conditions

These Promotion Terms and Conditions including any applicable instructions on ("Promotion Terms") apply to all Unibet promotions. By entering you accept and agree to be bound by these Promotion Terms. In addition, Unibet’s Terms and Conditions and Rule Books ("Standard Terms") also apply (available at In the event of any difference between these Promotion Terms and the Standard Terms, these Promotion Terms will prevail.

1. This bonus, offer or promotion (“Promotion”) is available to individuals aged 18 years and over who have fully registered as customers of Unibet.

2. No employees of Unibet and its affiliated companies, or family members of employees and affiliated companies, may take part in Promotions.

3. Unless confirmed otherwise by Unibet in writing: (i) Promotions are available once only to any registered account, which shall mean no more than one bonus per user, IP address, computer device, family, residential address, telephone number, credit or debit card and/ or e-payment account, e-mail address, and environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc.); and (ii) Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with, or to qualify for, any other promotional offer.

4. Unibet reserves the right acting reasonably and without prior notice and in accordance with its eligibility requirements, bonus abuse policy and internal trading risk policy to:

• withhold, restrict or cancel this Promotion from individual account holders; and

• reclaim any bonus funds, enhanced payments or winnings from bonus funds.

5. Promotional offers are intended to enhance a player’s enjoyment of the games and any attempts to manipulate or abuse a bonus or abuse the spirit of this promotion will not be tolerated and may lead to forfeiture or blocking of any points, bonuses, prizes and/ or winnings under a promotion as well as an immediate exclusion from the promotion and future Unibet promotions and/ or closing of the account. Unibet considers the following play to be in breach of this term:

• Betting more than 30% of the initial bonus amount in any one game round (i.e. slot/ roulette spin, blackjack hand etc.) until wagering requirements have been met. For example, a £100 deposit bonus = £30 maximum bet per game.

• Betting more than £15 per spin on slots while using bonus funds.

• Using one type of game to build a balance (e.g. large bets on a single number at roulette) then switching to another (e.g. slots) for the purpose of meeting wagering requirements.

• Exploiting promotions by placing bets or wagers where there is no or limited risk of loss to the customer, other than where the absence of risk is a key part of the promotion. By way of example and without limitation using low risk methods such as wagering both Red and Black in Roulette, wagering both Player and Banker in Baccarat, covering more than 70% of outcomes (e.g. 26 or more numbers on a Roulette table).

• Playing a game that has collectable features (including, by way of example and without limitation, sticky wilds (Scarab) or a progress bar (dynamite riches megways), building collectable features using bonus funds and, subsequently (after discharging a related wagering requirement), depositing real funds and playing the game again to release the collectable features as cash.

6. Except as outlined in these Promotional Terms, amendments to Promotions will not be made after you are opted in, unless you accept any such amendments.

7. Unibet may, at any time, make minor amendments to this Promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve on clarity or customer experience and may cancel this Promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.

8. Unless otherwise specified in writing, in the event that you are required to travel to take part in any event, you are responsible for making all your own arrangements (including insurance).

9. Unibet accepts no responsibility whatsoever for system or connection problems that might affect any end user during any of these Promotions.

10. Unibet’s decisions in respect of any matter(s) concerning a Promotion are final, subject always to your right to refer a decision to Unibet’s complaints policy as described in the Standard Terms.

11. This Promotion is operated by Platinum Gaming Limited a company registered in Gibraltar with its registered office address at Sovereign Place, 117 Main Street, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar.


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